LOVE LOVE LOVE 24/7 Fitness! I love that I’m not locked into a contract, I can go anytime, it’s never overcrowded (although there are always people there!) There isn’t staff standing around trying to push into taking classes or standing around chit-chatting while you’re working out – I love that it’s on my way home from work and down the street from my house so I never have an excuse not to go. It was a real find, I won’t be going anywhere else!

Yelp Review – Ashley S.


LOVE this place. NO CONTRACTS, it doesn’t get much better than this! The price of $22/month rocks, although I like buying three months for the lower price of $20/month.  They run on my schedule, and getting zumba & yoga free is a big plus. I’ve been a member of those huge gyms and didn’t like paying for things I never used or needed. Again, contracts SUCK, you practically have to be dead to get out of it.  I saw on the Facebook page a new location off Broad River Rd. is now open. Can’t wait to check it out. I hear there’s some heavier weights which will be a neat addition. My only complaint is sometimes the thermostat needs adjusting.  Otherwise, I highly recommend 24/7 Health & Fitness to all my friends who are looking for a gym with what they need and when they need it.

Yelp Review – M.F.